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"Hot Brown Honey is more than a show, it’s a movement...The future of feminism is Hot Brown Honey and it is delicious." - Vancouver Presents

It’s time to DECOLONISE AND MOISTURISE!! This amazing merch line is bought to you by the award winning, smash hit show Hot Brown Honey! This fierce collective of World First Nations women are taking the world by storm Decolonizing one stage at a time!


Hot Brown Honey we believe parents and in particular mothers stories are often absent fromthe live performance industry due to the overwhelming demands on them mentally, emotionally and of course financially. We want to make space where mothers can be included and until our industry comes to the table we get creative. All profits from our HBH Merch goes directly to helping the mothers in our team tour with their children. We try to provide an environment that includes children, provides financial assistance and supports their mother’s to shine bright center stage. This is how we do it! Big venues, festivals, companies yes we talking to you - it’s not impossible you just have to make it a priority. So grab some of merch online and help shift the paradigm.


"The Hot Brown Honeys are fierce and with the music booming and a middle finger raised, they are here to make noise and to re-educate the patriarchal, colonial masses" The Pantograph Punch




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